UK Artisan Candles Supporting Men's Mental Health

100% Natural soy bean wax

100% Natural essential oils

Vegan friendly


Hand poured in UK

Experience the Ultimate in Luxury and Personal Growth with BEMAN Candles!

At BEMAN, we are passionately committed to elevating men's personal development and mental wellness. But that's not all – we take it a step further by crafting premium eco-friendly products that you'll love.

Our luxury artisan candles for men are carefully handcrafted with utmost dedication:

Step 1: 100% Natural Soya Bean Wax, Transformed into a black Luxury candle.

We start with the finest, 100% natural Soya Bean Wax, turning it black for that added touch of elegance and sophistication. Ricki has always found black is the best colour for deep self-reflection and thought. 

Step 2: 100% Natural Essential Oils, Scented to Perfection.

Say goodbye to synthetic chemicals! Our candles are scented only with 100% natural essential oils, derived from plants through a meticulous scent-blending process.

Step 3: Organic Essential Oils, Bonded with Wax at Optimal Temperatures.

To create a perfect bond, we add organic essential oils, extracted through steam distillation or cold-pressing of various plant parts, at just the right temperature.

Step 4: Precise Wax Pouring for Maximum Scent Throw.

Pouring the wax at the precise temperature is equally crucial to ensure an incredible scent throw that fills your space with pure bliss.

Step 5: Seven Days of Curing for Unparalleled Scent Experience.

Patience is key. We let our candles cure for seven days, allowing the scents to mature and deliver the best cold and hot scent throw possible.

The Result? A Perfect Soy Candle in Elegant White Containers, Enhanced with Black Wax and a High-Quality Double Wick.

But that's not all – we take it to the next level by offering you the freedom to choose your journey through self-reflection. Each candle comes with a unique QR code of your choice, unlocking opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery.

Ready to Elevate Your Wellness Journey?

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